The World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s highest honor, highest specifications, highest competitive level and highest popularity of the football competition, together with the Olympic Games as the World’s two top sports events. The World Cup is held every four years and any FIFA member can send teams to the tournament. The World Cup is the source and the root of the development and popularization of the world football. Brazil were the most decorated team to win the tournament which win the World Cup five times. China entered the 17th Korea/Japan World Cup for the first time in 2002. Schedule is divided into World Cup stage and final stage two World Cup qualifiers phase is divided into six major division, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania division, each division needs to obey the rules of the area actual situation during qualifying, but each had signed up for the FIFA World Cup member countries team, and you need to in the upcoming qualifiers for entering the World Cup finals.

As one of the most influential individual sports events in the world, the World Cup is also becoming more and more commercialized. The FIFA World Cup in South Africa in 2010 awarded a total of 400 million dollars to teams, and setting a record for the highest prize in world sport. The participating countries also offer large bonuses to players and teams to stimulate results. President Xi Jinping has called the World Cup an important part of the Chinese dream. He has three wishes for Chinese football: One is that Chinese football team can enter the World Cup, the other is that China can hold the World Cup and the third is that China can one day win the World Cup.

These three aspirations show the great importance of Chinese football. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay on July 13, 1930. The recent World Cup was held in Russia on June 14, 2018. It is also the first time that an eastern European country has hosted a World Cup. There will be 32 teams all competing for international football’s biggest prize, hoping to take it from current champions Germany. My brother and i have watched two matches of this World Cup. I have seen many people like us watching the games in the stadium in Xi’an. Twelve venues from 11 cities will host across Russia, with the final taking place at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. France had beat Croatia 4-2 in the World Cup final in the early hours of July 16, 2018, Bejing time. It is the second time in twenty years after winning the 1988 World Cup. What shocked me most was the team that Messi was in, i just can’t believe that they lost the game. I think they were not using the right tactics and formations in new football kits. The official song of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia “Live It Up”was released on Friday with an all-star line-up of international artists.


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A few former players will appear on the 2018 World Cup

Retiring as a professional football player does not mean the end of football career and retired players can also appear on football stadiums and even the World Cup in a different identity. There will be many former famous players who have participated in the World Cup as the coach of national teams appearing on the upcoming World Cup. So what will happen and if they can achieve big victories in the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Let’s look forward to the result.

Didier Claude Deschamps is a former French professional footballer and the current manager of the France national team. He played for a few football clubs as a defensive midfielder, including Marseille, Juventus, Chelsea and Valencia. There is no doubt that he has helped these clubs get a lot of trophies. For example, Deschamps won French Division 1 and UEFA Champions League for Marseille; he helped Juventus win Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana, Intercontinental Cup, UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Intertoto Cup. He also helped Chelsea get the titles of FA Cup and helped Valencia get UEFA Champions League Runner-up. As a national team player, he took part at three UEFA European Football Championships and one FIFA World Cup. In the 1998 World Cup, Deschamps captained the team who served as the team leader and won the championship of the World Cup.

On 8 July 2012, he was appointed as head coach of France national team. On 3 September 2017, Deschamps coached the national team in a World Cup qualifying game against Luxembourg national team.

When he was a professional football player, Thierry Henry almost took all top honors. He once won the Premier League, European Football Championship, UEFA Champions League and the World Cup. Individually, he was named FWA Footballer of the Year in 2002-03, 2003-04 and 2005-06 seasons, and got the Premier League Golden Boot award, BBC Goal of the Season in 2002-03 season, European Golden Boot and so on. He spent his most football career at Arsenal, and helped the club win Premier League, FA Cup and FA Community Shield. Henry is one of the greatest forwards in the world.

Arsenal has established a statue outside Emirates Stadium in memory of the Arsenal’s greatest footballer Thierry Henry, which is also as part of the club’s 125th anniversary celebrations. “I want to thank Arsenal from the bottom of my heart,” he said, voice choking. “I’ve said and I’ll always say, ‘Once a Gooner, always a Gooner’!”

Arsene Wenger, the head coach of Arsenal, will leave the club at the end of the 2017-18 season, which means he will end the 22-year coaching coach. He said something about Henry:“I must say, many players I have managed, like Thierry and Patrick Vieira, have the qualities to be managers.”

As Wenger said, Henry once coached players of the Belgium national team, as an assistant coach, in preparation for the friendly match again Spain.

Let’s look forward to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Which team will get the gold FIFA World Cup Trophy?

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Australia Side Appoint the new Famous Coach

Bert van Marwijk was appointed as the new coach of Australia’s side for his practical strategy in directing footballers. When it refers to the name Bert van Marwijk, many football fans may would connect it with the critical picture in the history of World Cup. The Netherlandish person became the new manager of Australian national football team at the looming of 2018 FIFA World Cup. The once coach of the team in 2010 at the time Daniel LaRusso was channeled for the repulsive challenge in Spainish Xabi Alonso.

When at the helm of Netherlands, the non-sense style of Van Marwijk was perpetuate, and he also punished that behavior. But, many people criticized De Jong’s solution strongly. The footballers chose their actions on sports field by themselves. After the matter was ended, the manager was regarded as a strong-willed person rather than a thug. Finally, the minds became the main-steam ideas among countless football fans of Australia national football team, not the frightening tattoos on the chest of Alonso.

In fact, many people looked into his personality after he left the Saudi Arabia national football team. In spite of his feats in directing Green Falcons in 12 years, Van Marwijk have never been affected by internal politics of the team. In an interview of Voetbal International, Van Marwijk argued, “Many people were intend to interfere the Saudi Arabia national football team for various profits”. It seemed that they have made great contributions to the victory. For the regular group, it was a great pity for two-year cooperation before the qualifications. Many footballers among the above referred footballers expressed their strong willing to stay with him. He could do nothing to stay them for no more positions for them. He have to determine the method in football playing without the interferences from outside factors.

Then he declared that he was set to leave the team and his ignorance when face the Dutch broadcaster NOS. He said that he had ended the talks with related departments. He could not accept many football members was fired after they qualified for the World Cup. Saudi Arabia has found a successor to take my position. So, he knew the period cooperating with the team was over. Van Marwijk dealt with the situation in a manner different with a predecessor Ange Postecoglou. Ange Postecoglou refuse to cooperate with the team any more as the tension with Football Federation Australia. The cleavage lies in Van Marwijk insisted his special formation or principle.

During the period with the Saudi Arabia national football team, the Netherlands national football team and club Feyenoord Rotterdam, the 65-year-old Van Marwijk organized and managed his team as his willing. His team chose various strategy on the basis of their strong defensive ability. No matter it was right or wrong Postecoglou insisted to his particular philosophies and the special formation in contributing to enter into the matches of World Cup. His insistence caused the fragile relations between his and his football players, let along the local media.

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A Dream of the Colombian Radamel Falcao

Dreaming of Playing with Colombia National Football Team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The young footballer Radamel Falcao missed the opportunity to play at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil for his injuries. It’s a great pity for him and his football fans. So, he aspires to play at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. The Colombia national football team will take the Japan national football team on.

It was an exciting moment for every footballers and football fans following the Colombia national football team. After the final draw of the 2018 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the Colombia national football team was drawn into Group H with Poland, Senegal and Japan national football team. May I introduce the other three teams firstly. The Poland national football team, the 7th strongest football team in FIFA, has played in the first stage of FIFA World Cup seven times; semi-finals, two times.

After retired as a Poland international, the once representative player Nawalka at the 1978 FIFA World Cup took the position of Poland’s manager from 2013. From then on, the Poland national football successfully went to the UEFA European Championship Quarter-final and the FIFA World Cup from 2006. The football star of Poland national football team is Robert Lewandowski, who has won 16 goals in ten football matches. As the captain of Poland national football team, he became the top goalscorer of the Poland side in 2018 World Cup qualifications. The coach spoke highly him as “the best forward in the world”. He has made great contributions in the preliminary stage.

The Senegal national football team, the 23th strongest football team in FIFA, qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup for the first time. Before entering into the competitions of 2018 FIFA World Cup, they have not enter the major competition ever.

Aliou Cissé was the captain of the Senegal national football team before 2015, and the Senegal side has reached the quarter-finals when they appeared in the World Cup for the first time. He took the position of Senegal’s coach and led the team keeping their unbeaten record in the Group D in the African qualifications. The football star of the Senegal side is Sadio Mané, the most expensive African football player. He move to club Liverpool for £34 million in 2016. Sadio Mané was renowned for his speed, strength and skill.

The last team – Japan national football team has appeared at World Cups five times while failed to achieve higher achievements further. The best achievements for the Japan side was reached the Round of 16 2002, 2010. Vahid Halilhodžić has experienced World Cup as a player and a coach. With the direction of the Bosnian, the Japan national football team went to the top spot in Asia’s Group B, winning the better position than Saudi Arabia and Australia national football team. The best football player of Japan side is Maya Yoshida, who became the cornerstone in the history of Japan national football team in two FIFA World Cup campaigns.

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Van Marwijk Signed 17-Year-Old Holman

Having played for the club Socceroos in 63 football games, the 17-year-old Holman was signed by Netherlandish Van Marwijk. The young footballer said he feels good with the new football club. Ange Postecoglou claimed the Dutch side will take on his side, who is set to attack the rivals on an energetic momentum.

Since took over the national football team, people doubted that whether the new manager Van Marwijk will streamline the defensive formation and strategy at first. For the weak defensive power, the football team keep a clean sheet one time in Postecoglou’s recent 11 games. However, Holman said he ignored the effects of him in the recent football games with Saudi Arabia.

In case of knowing specific conditions, one will find what he has done with Saudi Arabia team on Wednesday. Each person will go back and look at the Dutch game against Spain side carefully. In addition, they said those young footballers were exhausted on physique, and they would like to kick the Spain side out of it.

Some believes that they performed very well in setting up and football playing. He performs very well in both respects. Different from the Socceroos, the Saudi team has qualified for the competitions in Russia while the team failed to win Postecoglou’s Australia in two matches. After the intense competition in Oct. 2016 in Jeddah, the football match was ended with a 2-2 draw. But in the middle of last year, it won the rivals by a 3-2 victory.

Nevertheless, the Green Falcons played the role of midfielder and run through sports pitch, defensing rivals with quick, efficient and influential counter-attacking play. When Feyenoord was under the direction of Van Marwijk, it has won 60 percent of their games. In these specific conditions, Netherlands and Saudi Arabia side have produced same effects to German clubs Borussia Dortmund and Hamburger SV.

After discuss football matches of Netherlands, let’s pay our attention to the Spain side. Spain coach Julen Lopetegui concerned the negative effects incurred by the absence of Isco and Marco Asensio. In order to prepare for the looming 2018 FIFA World Cup, these two excellent footballers have to training for the major competition. So, both of two football players lack of time to play for club Real Madrid. For the instant effects at club Atletico Madrid, Diego Costa perhaps will go to his next team.

The 25-year-old Isco, an eminent footballer of Spain national football team has cut a striking figure in football matches through World Cup qualifications in the last two years, making great contributions in a 3-0 victory over Italy side in September 2017. The 21-years-old Asensio is the potential starter for La Roja in Russia, given his standout performances in recent football matches.

Given all conditions from an overall view, they are less impossible to play at club level while the main strike force of Gareth Bale – Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo are more suitable for the following matches at club level. The healthy status of Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo also allow them to appear in club games actively.

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