Australia Side Appoint the new Famous Coach

Bert van Marwijk was appointed as the new coach of Australia’s side for his practical strategy in directing footballers. When it refers to the name Bert van Marwijk, many football fans may would connect it with the critical picture in the history of World Cup. The Netherlandish person became the new manager of Australian national football team at the looming of 2018 FIFA World Cup. The once coach of the team in 2010 at the time Daniel LaRusso was channeled for the repulsive challenge in Spainish Xabi Alonso.

When at the helm of Netherlands, the non-sense style of Van Marwijk was perpetuate, and he also punished that behavior. But, many people criticized De Jong’s solution strongly. The footballers chose their actions on sports field by themselves. After the matter was ended, the manager was regarded as a strong-willed person rather than a thug. Finally, the minds became the main-steam ideas among countless football fans of Australia national football team, not the frightening tattoos on the chest of Alonso.

In fact, many people looked into his personality after he left the Saudi Arabia national football team. In spite of his feats in directing Green Falcons in 12 years, Van Marwijk have never been affected by internal politics of the team. In an interview of Voetbal International, Van Marwijk argued, “Many people were intend to interfere the Saudi Arabia national football team for various profits”. It seemed that they have made great contributions to the victory. For the regular group, it was a great pity for two-year cooperation before the qualifications. Many footballers among the above referred footballers expressed their strong willing to stay with him. He could do nothing to stay them for no more positions for them. He have to determine the method in football playing without the interferences from outside factors.

Then he declared that he was set to leave the team and his ignorance when face the Dutch broadcaster NOS. He said that he had ended the talks with related departments. He could not accept many football members was fired after they qualified for the World Cup. Saudi Arabia has found a successor to take my position. So, he knew the period cooperating with the team was over. Van Marwijk dealt with the situation in a manner different with a predecessor Ange Postecoglou. Ange Postecoglou refuse to cooperate with the team any more as the tension with Football Federation Australia. The cleavage lies in Van Marwijk insisted his special formation or principle.

During the period with the Saudi Arabia national football team, the Netherlands national football team and club Feyenoord Rotterdam, the 65-year-old Van Marwijk organized and managed his team as his willing. His team chose various strategy on the basis of their strong defensive ability. No matter it was right or wrong Postecoglou insisted to his particular philosophies and the special formation in contributing to enter into the matches of World Cup. His insistence caused the fragile relations between his and his football players, let along the local media.

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